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Introducing "Divine Protection"

A Sacred Shield for Your Energy Body


The power of spiritual fortification with our new product, "Divine Protection." Crafted with the assistance of Angelic Spirits, Divine Love, Prayer, The sun and crystal. Infused with the pure essence of potent protection herbs, this unrefined Mother Essence Spray is a potent shield designed to safeguard your energy body from negative energies that may attempt to intrude upon your inner sanctum.


Unrefined Mother Essence Spray: Our product harnesses the pristine power of unrefined Mother Essence, a sacred substance that retains the purest and most potent properties of its source. This ensures that you receive the full spectrum of protective benefits, untainted by artificial processing. These essence extracts are known for their ability to resonate with the subtle energy systems of the human body, promoting harmony and balance.


Protection Herbs: To enhance the efficacy of the spray, we have artfully blended powerful protection herbs. Each herb is traditionally celebrated for its ability to repel negative energies, providing an added layer of defense against potential disturbances.

Protection Herbs include: Fresh German Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, and Basil 


Key Benefits:


Energetic Shield: "Divine Protection" envelops your energy body in a cocoon of positive vibrations, serving as an impenetrable barrier against harmful external influences.


Cleansing and Purification: Beyond mere protection, this spray facilitates the cleansing and purification of your energy field, removing any lingering negative imprints when paired with the protection prayer listed on the bottle. 


Enhanced Inner Balance: By shielding you from external negativity, "Divine Protection" fosters inner equilibrium and mental clarity, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with newfound strength.


Emotional Stability: Experience a heightened sense of emotional stability and resilience, as our product gently nurtures your emotional well-being.


How to Use:

Spray "Divine Protection" around your aura or energy field, chakras and feet to ensuring complete coverage. You may also mist your personal space or any environment you wish to purify and safeguard. As you spray, repeat the prayer for protection and visualize a radiant shield enveloping you, sealing you in a divine bubble of security.

Divine Protection Mother Essence Spray

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