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Step into the world of spiritual awakening with Jaida Bentley. A certified health coach, Reiki healer, shaman, and spiritual teacher, Jaida's journey started in a small Nebraska farm town. At 18, they embarked on a quest for meaning, trading rural life for the bustling energy of a metropolis living in Hong Kong, London, Chicago, and Los Angeles. They were forced to move back to the Midwest from shamanic sickness to start her holistic practice and support her mother with the creation of Bentley's Apothecary. Through personal trials and encounters with darkness, Jaida found their purpose by delving into the realms of spirituality. Learning from various teachers and the guiding hand of Divine Spirit, God, and Jesus, they honed their skills in understanding the unseen forces that shape our lives. Jaida's path is one of illumination and growth, driven by a passion to help others find their own light. With years of experience and diverse tools, Jaida is committed to guiding you on your own journey of self-discovery and healing. Join Jaida Bentley on a path of self-exploration, where ancient wisdom meets modern challenges, and where you can discover the power within you to transform and thrive.

Jaida Bentley

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