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Washing My Hands

Washing My Hands exhibit is currently being featured at The Link Gallery at the Mansion in Omaha, Nebraska, where I share my love of the practice of Shamanism. Colors, textures, and storytelling have always fascinated me since a young age. Creative interest has led me to explore various forms of art throughout my life. After traveling the world as an international model, I returned to my roots to pursue my passion for photography, mixed-media art, and energy healing. As a psychic medium and shaman spirit walker, I incorporate my spiritual experiences into my art to give voice to the unseen forces that shape our world. My art did not fully blossom until I accepted my path with god and shamanism. Through my mixed media pieces, I hope to offer a glimpse into the world beyond human perception.


$777 Acrylic on Canvas

Cobra & Cacao

Cobra and Cacao is a weaved representation of spirit visits in preparation of a past Cacao Ceremony.  Powerful spirit guides, the Grandmother Cacao and the Cobra Spirit symbolize heart opening, death and rebirth, infinite transformation and patience. The Grandmother Cacao Spirit is depicted as a regal and nurturing figure, with a warm and inviting presence. Meanwhile, the Cobra Spirit is portrayed as a fierce and powerful entity, coiled and ready to strike. Together, they represent the duality of life and the balance between light and dark. 46" x 72"

$777 Acrylic on Canvas


Landing is a vibrant and introspective painting that explores the concept of spiritual travel and connection to the divine. Set on a beach at sunrise, the piece depicts the mediator's feet firmly planted on the sand as they prepare to embark on a journey to the upper and lower worlds. The use of gentle colors conveys the sense of movement and energy that comes with spiritual exploration. New beginnings and fresh perspectives. 46" x 72"


$2,711 Acrylic on Canvas

Divine Protection

Divine Protection explores the concept of energy protection and shielding oneself from unwanted entities and energy poisoning. The painting features a striking color palette of deep red, purple, and yellow, which symbolize passion, spirituality, and strength. "Through the love of God and the protection of Divine light energy, I am protected and divinely guided. May any unwanted energy be filtered through my radiant aura, transmuted, and neutralized. And so it is." 

60" x 72" 

$555 Acrylic on Canvas

Dancing Auras

Dancing Auras captures the essence of reuniting with a long-distance soul mate. The palette of yellow, blue, and green, symbolize joy, peace, and growth, with the remembrance of dance. The shapes and textures convey a sense of movement and fluidity, as if the two panels swirl around each other, blending energies. The painting evokes a sense of connection and unity as if the two souls have finally been reunited after a long time apart. Love, connection, and reunion. 58" x 64"


$2,711 Acrylic on Canvas

Washing My Hands

Washing My Hands is a painting that represents transformation, protection, and healing. This piece was inspired by my experiences in my new studio, where past, present, and future is happening simultaneously. The painting is a symbol of the shamanic journey of death and rebirth, and confirms that we can turn negative experiences into positive ones. The dividing fabric in the painting represents a barrier, like our skin, that filters all energy, both positive and negative. The painting is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and our capacity to transform. 60" x 72"

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