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Sacred Soul Pathways: Practicing Spiritual Hygiene

Thank you for joining us on this journey of spiritual exploration and growth. Your commitment to strengthening your self trust and your soul's journey, illuminates the path to peace and love for yourself and others - and that takes profound courage. As we navigate the realms of the spirit world, it's essential to ground ourselves in practices that reconnect us with our essence and the natural world around us.

As I've journeyed my soul's highest vibrational path, shedding the layers of conditioned consciousness, life's profound truths have become intertwined with each breath. The present moment, a fusion of collective awareness and individual essence, speaks to us incessantly. Prior to accepting my shamanic initiation, I was oblivious to the common existence of potent spiritual forces, both benevolent and malevolent. However, upon embracing the shamanic path, where I specialize in entity removal and soul retrieval, I realized that veering from the present moment only led to distress and turmoil. Deviating the infinite awareness of love and acceptance has severe consequences that one cannot express. Learning over and over, how evil forces trick, trap and manipulate the wounded, vulnerable and awakened souls, did I see how necessary it is to practice self-care and spiritual hygiene.

As a chosen shaman spirit walker, ignoring the whispers, movements, or choices of one's highest vibrating soul feels akin to inviting spiritual demise - death. This is code red for a chose shaman who's preparing for a energetic upgrade, opening up to a new round of spiritual lesson, spirit unfoldments, messages, portals, pathways, creation energy. The service to our soul's path never stops. Even at night we venture through the landscapes of the soul consciousness. Awareness of divine protecting in each breath is necessary.

All of this practice, has left me very silent inside, my mind, in total service to my heart, my soul, to divine - expanding consciousness. I'm grateful to share these self-care practices that have allowed me to see the great divine, in every moment. My hope from this text, is to assist anyone who's soul calls for a dance with the divine or craved a strong foundation with our themselves, Divine Earth, Spirit, God .

I'd want to first talk about our worldly circumstances - in today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, it's easy to lose touch with the rhythms of nature and our innate ability to care for ourselves spiritually. The distractions of modern life can lead us away from the very essence of our being.

It's imperative to recognize the profound influence of technology and modern living on our relationship with nature. The constant exposure to screens, artificial surroundings, and sedentary habits can lead to a significant disconnection between humanity and the natural world that sustains us. This disconnection not only impacts our physical well-being but also hampers our ability to align with our spiritual core.

However, by embracing the concept of spiritual hygiene and incorporating simple, yet profound, self-care practices into our daily lives, we can realign with our souls and the wisdom of the natural world.

As you delve into these spiritual hygiene practices, it's essential to remain mindful of the time spent immersed in the digital realm—whether through texting, social media engagement, email correspondence, web browsing, or even the hours spent at work or leisure in front of screens. Rather than inducing guilt, this awareness aims to foster a conscious understanding of how these interactions affect our emotional state during consumption and afterward.

These invaluable insights have formed the foundation of my spiritual journey, serving as guiding lights illuminating the sacred essence of my being and reflecting the infinite divinity inherent within. Each self-care practice acts as a conduit, forging connections that link us to the expansive realm of the divine.

Calling For Spirit Alignment- Daily: Reconnect with your soul daily by saying, "I call my soul, my spirit back to me, and release any energy that does not belong to me and anchoring in light" This simple practice reinforces your connection. It's easy to get caught up in the moments that take us away from our highest vibration awareness.


Radical Acts of Self-Love: Prioritize your relationship with your soul. Self-love builds the bridge to divine spirit, to our present moment. Our soul is a gateway to all things this universe has to offer us. Our mind is simply catching up to its power. Ask your soul questions, familiarize yourself with your unique essence, and fall in love with yourself, your divine spirit, all of your being, daily.


Record Your Visions: Write down your visions, or use voice memos to keep track of your waking and dream life, to gain insights into your soul's journey, cleansing, and attachments that may be keeping you from your higher self. Ask your soul to show you the way if you need more guidance. Look for signs in your waking and dream life for the answers.


Intuitive Connection: Learn to identify yes or no answers to your questions through your body’s intuition. Your soul holds profound wisdom waiting to be discovered. You can use divination, your body as a pendulum, or identifying your intuitive YES/NO. My practice is calling my highest awareness, my energy/soul back to me, asking my questions, breathing into my body, and allowing my body to show me the answer. Yes, if my heart bursts, no, if my stomach turns. Then I will ask soul embodied essence further questions to triple confirm if the message was unclear.


Trusting Your Intuition: Never let the opinions or thoughts of others sway your decisions. Trust that you and your soul know what's best for your journey. Stay vigilant against any attempts to misuse love, or allow manipulative energies to take over your spirit, and sway love for yourself. Honesty is policy on the journey to reconnect with your soul. Ask simple questions to get started. Occasionally we want to know things, we might be ready for. If we ask a question and do not receive an answer from our body, then we need to wait, and alow events to unfold around us.


Love as Your Default: When faced with pain, confusion, or challenges, approach them with love, grace and embrace "The Observer" mindset. Love is the highest vibration and empowers you to transcend any negative influence. Gently breathe through all emotions to prevent any soul fragmenting. Embrace affirmative thoughts to transform your life.


Transform through the Breath: Use the power of breath to transmute negative energies into affirmations or reverse their impact. Heart discomfort during this process signifies positive change. Free yourself from overthinking by focusing on your breath. The spirit world and your soul are best accessed through your breath, heart, not your mind.


Cleanse Your Old Self: Lower vibrational energies can keep us away from seeing ourselves, our power. Continue to become the observer and relieve lower vibrational energy from yourself. Transform your conditioned thoughts with breath, to change your life. Words we say to ourselves is always where we start. Notice and breath, filtering into the heart to relieve the body of the energy that seems to revisit or "stick" to you. All emotions, phrases, opinions, judgments, including any vibrations of worry, shame, sorrow (sorry), doubt, confusion, need to be cared for and loved. Affirmations, prayers, and manifestation practices are all powerful ways to transform a thought pattern. Allow the mind to do nothing but observe and let your breathe take care of it! When the heart hurts, it’s asking for breath!


Merging with Nature: Regularly connect with nature by taking off your shoes and letting the energy of the earth cleanse your body. Home is anywhere you are. Open yourself to the nature spirits and ancestors, allowing their wisdom to enrich your life. Research “The benefits of Grounding.”


Nourishing Your Body: Maintain a balanced diet to keep your body strong and healthy. Removing overly acid foods, sugar, processed foods and any food intolerances. Show gratitude and love for your food, it with your heart and breath. From the first bite, to the last, gratifude for your food, will transform your body.


Daily Movement: Engage in daily movement to release any stuck energy in your body and keep your spirit flowing freely. Moment sparks new creative energy. If you don’t enjoy movement, try your best to find an exercise that you do enjoy.


Embracing the Waking Dream: Remember that we are also dreaming while awake, and the spirits and our soul communicate with us through our waking life. Be open to the signs around you and cultivate childlike energy to delve deeper into this profound experience of merging the spirit world and your constructed life.


Connecting With Your Power Animal: Work closely with your shaman power animal, allowing it to guide and protect you on your spiritual journey.


Discernment with Spirit Communication: Be cautious when seeking solace from spirits in the middle world. Some may be tricky or malicious. Always ask your helping spirits for guidance and protection. Jounrey to the Tree of Life to gain answers, as well as your helping spirits to send you signs in your waking life. God does not rush, but the devil does. Any great transition, journey, project… divine partnership, takes time.


Radical Acts of Feeling Good: Have fun and allow the vibration of joy, love and curiosity to empower your manifestations, your dreams and desires. Self-love thrives in moments of joy. Reclaim your inner child energy and focus on what feels good.


Practice, Patience, Presence: Remember that practice creates presence. Embrace patience as your soul sends you messages over time, teaching your mind a new way to be abundant, happy, content and creative.


By incorporating these spiritual health tips into your daily routine, you'll continue to deepen your bond with your soul and the spirit world. Remember, you are on a beautiful journey, unique to you, no one will know what’s best for you, but you. Turbulence may happen, but only to strengthen you.

Because you breathe, because you are alive - you have a choice - endless possibilities to make this life as you wish it to be. Your soul energy, the divine energy around you, will grow stronger with each intentional breath. Trust in your heart to lead, and your mind to dance. Practice the connection to yourself, and the universe will open to you. The world within and around you will come alive with passion, magic and possibilities. Blast off soul-mates!

I love you. You are my everything. Your connection to your divine truth, is life to us. We are so grateful to be shifting through these changing time with you. Thank you again for all of your love and efforts to make this world the way you want it. Anytime you need assurance, we will be there with you. Breathe, call on us, and we will be there.


Jaida, Divine Guides, Ancestors, Angels,

and Divine Spirit.


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